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GIS/SLI/GPAIS - Forms/GO/Circular Download
SLI/GIS Policy & Passbook Duplicate - CLARIFICATION - [Dated 10/03/2022] Download
SLI Death Claim settlement without valid nominations - Legal Heir Certificate - Limit Enhanced - ORDER GO(P)No 140/2021/Fin Dated 25/10/2021 Download
SLI Premium Calculator Download
GIS/SLI Claim Application Download
GPAIS/GIS/SLI -Brochure Download
GPAIS/GIS/SLI - Forms Download

State Life Insurance (SLI)
Proposal Form
Instructions for filling up Proposal Form
Application Form for Changing Nomination Download
Application Form for Loan
Claim Form Download
Deduction Schedule Download
Indemnity Bond for Duplicate Policy - Instructions
Indemnity Bond for Duplicate Policy - for the Use of Insured
Indemnity Bond for Duplicate Policy - for the Use of Nominee(s)/Legal Heirs

Group Insurance Scheme
Application Form (Form GIS - A) Download
Memorandum (Form No. 1) for New Members Download
Memorandum (Form No. 2) for Change in Group Download
List of Members Joined in the Scheme (Form GIS - C) Download
Nomination Form for Unmarried Employees (Form GIS - 6) Download
Nomination Form for Married Employees (Form GIS - 7) Download
Register of Members (Form No. 8) Download
Register for Watching the Recovery of Subscription towards GIS from members on LWA, Suspension, Deputation, etc. (Form GIS - E) Download
Application to Condone Delay in Admission Download
VISWAS Online Help File Download
Deduction Statement of Non-Gazzetted Officers (Form GIS - B) Download
Deduction Statement of Self Drawing Officers (Form GIS - B(1)) Download
Application for TR 72 Certificate (for Self Drawing Officers) (Form GIS - D) Download
Membership Revival
Application form for revival of Membership Download
Application for Payment (Form No. 3) - Retirement/Resignation/Dismissal Download
Request to Produce Application for Payment (Form No. 4) - Death Download
Application for Payment (Form No. 5) - Death Download
Indemnity Bond for Claim Settlement Download
Payment Register for DDOs Download
Proforma for Claim Settlement for Universities / Public Sector Undertaking Download

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme
Nomination Form (Form I) Download
Deduction Schedule (Form II) Download
Claim Form Download

General Insurance Application Forms
Motor (Vehicle) Insurance - Proposal Form Download
Motor (Vehicle) Insurance - Claim Form Download
Fire Insurance Download
Marine Hull Insurance Download
Marine (Cargo) Transit Insurance Download
Marine Hull Insurance - Claim Form Download
Machinery Breakdown Insurance Download
MPKBY/SAS Agents' Package Insurance - Proposal Form Download
MPKBY/SAS Agents' Package Insurance - Claim Form Download
Money in Transit Download
Electronic Equipments Insurance Download
Fidelity Guarantee Download
Public Liability Insurance Download
Burglary Insurance Download
Burglary Insurance - Claim Form Download
Boiler Insurance Download

Right to Service : Forms
Acknowledgement (കൈപ്പറ്റ് രശീതി) Download
Form of Appeal to First Appellate Authority (ഒന്നാം അപ്പീൽ അധികാരിക്കുള്ള അപ്പീൽ ഫാറം) Download
Form of Appeal to Second Appellate Authority (രണ്ടാം അപ്പീൽ അധികാരിക്കുള്ള അപ്പീൽ ഫാറം) Download

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